From Ceres Garden, the industry leader in topicals, comes CBD Deep Tissue and Muscle Gel.  This product quickly gets to deep muscle, tissue, and joints and provides long lasting pain relief.  Our researchers have developed a formula based on natural plant aloe that moisturizes skin while it quickly absorbs into affected areas of the body.  Unlike other gels that are water, or petroleum based, or other synthetic cosmetic gels, natural plant aloe is the fastest and safest absorption method for deep tissue.

Ceres uses our own proprietary blend of CO2 extracted cannabis oil from strains very high in cannabinoids that help deliver effective relief.   Try our CBD Deep Tissue & Muscle Gel and discover true, healthy, and long-lasting relief.  COMPARE CERES CBD DEEP TISSUE TO OTHER PRODUCTS SELLING FOR $50.00 OR MORE, WE OFFER 33% MORE CBD AND THE HEALTHFUL BENEFITS OF PURE ALOE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS.

Each jar contains 200mg CBD & 4mg THC.



Aloe extracted gel, cannabis oil, cannabis derived terpenes, essential oils.